Kirsty Wilson RHS Roy Lancaster award
Congratulations to Kirsty Wilson, RBGE supervisor and Meconopsis Group Committee member, on being awarded the RHS- Royal Horticultural Society, Roy Lancaster Award. 

The Roy Lancaster Award is awarded to individuals (aged under 35 at date of nomination), who have achieved an exceptional contribution to the practice, science or promotion of horticulture.

Please see all of the RHS 2021 awards, including Kirsty's, here.

The Botanics Facebook page has posted a lovely 
photograph at the awards ceremony with Roy Lancaster".

Kirsty's RBGE blog, about Meconopsis, can be found here.

2021 reports in SRGC journal

Margaret and David Thorne have a wonderful article covering very interesting points about Meconopsis and other plants in the wild in ‘Southern Slopes of Annapurna: The Mardi Himal’.

This is in THE ROCK GARDEN, issue 146, January 2021 pages 22-45. This journal is published twice yearly by The Scottish Rock Garden Club.

In the same publication member Jeanie Jones from Dumfriesshire explains in excellent detail her comprehensive formula for successful seed germination of Primula and Meconopsis. Pages 10-15.

Both articles are supported with many colour images both in the wild and in Jeanie's garden.

This is a new publication so unfortunately we do not have any link to direct you to the articles.

Three new reports on Meconopsis by Group Members

‘The Meconopsis Group’  David and Margaret Thorne. The Caledonian Gardener,  January 2021. 

‘Out of the blue’ Two part report by Christopher Grey-Wilson, looking at Meconopsis hybrids and assesses the wealth of sumptuous cultivars available to grow. The RHS Plant Review September 2020. 

‘Meconopsis, the return’ Christopher Grey-Wilson. The RHS Plant Review December 2020.

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New species and varieties of Meconopsis. 1.

At the end of 2019 two papers describing new species of Meconopsis were published, with some other taxonomic changes.

In the first one, M. georgei and M. castanea are shown to be distinct species. They were originally published separately, but latterly had been thought to be variants of a single species. They are compared with the related M. bijiangensis, and a new species, M. atrovinosa, is described.

The reference is T. Yoshida and H. Sun, Harvard Papers in Botany, Vol. 24, No. 2, 2019, pp. 359–378.

New species and varieties of Meconopsis. 2.

In the second paper, Toshio Yoshida and Sun Hang revised Meconopsis section Forrestianae. It is thorough and detailed work; there are several name changes, and no less than three new species, M. aprica, M. purpurea and M. wengdaensis. You can see a photograph of M. purpurea on our Home page.

M. xiangchengensis becomes a subspecies of M. lancifolia, which also gains two new subspecies, subsp. daliensis and subsp. shikaensis. Finally, a new variety of M. yaoshanensis, var. luojiensis, is described.

The reference is Harvard Papers in Botany, Vol. 24, No. 2, 2019, pp. 379–421.

New species and varieties of Meconopsis. 3, 4 and 5.
The references at the end of the papers mentioned in 'New species and varieties of Meconopsis' 1 and 2 alerted us to three other papers - and another six newly described species.

They are all included in our Classification web page, and if you follow the notes they will take you to the references.
Two new species of yellow Meconopsis

Two new Meconopsis in the series Integrifoliae have been described. M. uniflora is a dwarf, high-alpine species, originally known as M. integrifolia var. uniflora and more recently included in M. pseudointegrifolia. Harvard Papers in Botany, Vol 24, No. 1, 2019, pp. 41-46.

Toshio Yoshida has also described a species from Sichuan as Meconopsis wanbaensis. This is the same as a plant discovered by Jens Nielsen in 2012 about 40 km away. It has been in cultivation since 2012 under names including M. aff. pseudointegrifolia and M. lijiangensis.

In the same paper a new variety of M. pulchella, var. melananthera, is also described. Harvard Papers in Botany, Vol 24, No. 1, 2019, pp. 31-39.

Meconopsis wanbaensis