The table here shows the sections and series of the genus, with the number of samples that we already have within each category. If you click on any series name you will move to a table of the species within that series, and their lower taxa. Use the 'Return to Section and Series table' button at the bottom of the Species table to return to the overview of sections.

Section Samples Series Samples
Aculeatae 11 Aculeatae 1
Barbisetae 0
Delavayanae 0
Forrestianae 1
Henricanae 0
Heterandrae 1
Impeditae 1
Racemosae 7
Grandes 22 Grandes 5
Integrifoliae 8
Puniceae 4
Simplicifoliae 5
Meconopsis 12 Discogyne 1
Meconopsis 2
Polychaetia 7
Robustae 2
Primulinae 2 Bellae 1
Cumminsia 0
Primulinae 1